Sample papers of previous work by some of the staff members:

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Links to sample consultancy reports by Ecodym Africa Consultants

  • Environmental Impact Assessment Study for the Exploration Drilling for Oil and Gas in Block 2B in Wajir County in Kenya. Approved and Licensed. NEMA/EIA/5/2/1148.NEMA
  • Environmental Impacts Study Longonot Golf Resort and Holiday Homes Similarly this is mixed development for a retirement housing estate with 18 holes golf course, 5 star hotel, college, church, school, sports complex, shopping mall, shops, dams for water sports (boating, swimming and canoeing), electric fencing etc on a 2400 acres piece of land in Naivasha. Approved and Licensed. NEMA/EIA/5/2/798.NEMA
  • Environmental Impact Assessment Report for the development of Boreholes in Block 2B,Wajir County Clients was an Oil exploration company called Lion Petroleum Corp. Approved and Licensed.NEMA
  • Environmental Audit Report for the Oil and Gas seismic exploration in Block 2B in Wajir County. Approved and Licensed. NEMA/PR/5/2/12777.NEMA
  • Consultancy with Africa Union’s Pan Africa Tsetse and Trypanosomiasis Control and Eradication (AU-PATTEC) and African Development Bank (ADB) in collaboration with Kenya Government (GoK) 2007/2008. Output delivered: (1) An environmental, land use and land cover baseline surveys in three PATTEC sites in Kenya; (2) CD Interactive database for use in monitoring and impacts assessment.KENTTEC


To be a premier private sector practitioner in linking environmental science with natural resources management and development in Africa.


To search for best knowledge on environmental science in Africa and provide a leading service in applying scientific knowledge to enhance sustainability of the environment, livelihoods and development.