Ecodym Africa was incorporated in Kenya in 2010 to offer consultancy services in a number of environmental fields all geared towards protecting the diverse wealth of environmental resources on the planet earth so that the current human needs do not deplete these resources. We promote not only equitable and reasonable sharing of resources but also sustainable utilization of these resources so that the future generations will also have the same access to the resources in their time of existence.
Ecodym is a consortium of experts with diverse fields of specialization. The day to day operations of the consortium are run by the core team which operates at the secretariat. Experts join the team to deliver on various projects according to the areas of specialty required in specific projects.


To be a premier private sector practitioner in linking environmental science with natural resources management and development in Africa.


To search for best knowledge on environmental science in Africa and provide a leading service in applying scientific knowledge to enhance sustainability of the environment, livelihoods and development.