Ecodym Africa combines research and consultancy in a broad range of environmental disciplines to put knowledge into use through service. We link ecosystem dynamics and productivity with environmental sustainability in provision of services; promotion of human well being, supporting community development, contributing to national economic growth and preserving international environmental public goods.

We consult in all areas of environmental concerns including but not limited to:

1. EIA - Environmental Impacts Assessment
2. Environmental Research (e.g root cause analysis; cause-effect analysis etc)
3. Environmental Planning
4. Community Participatory Research
5. Climate Adaptation
6. Climate Risk Assessment
7. Monitoring and Evaluation
8. Sustainability Assessment
9.Baseline Surveys
Our team comprises of experienced scientists and technicians qualified in different areas of specialization. Many of our consultants have doctorate degree in their own areas of specialization and all have a master’s degree followed by many years of practice. We have access to databases, specialized analytical laboratories, field surveys and sampling equipment. We engage specialists and services in rare and unique fields both from public and private institutions as the task may require.

Divisions of Ecodym Africa Consultants

ECONS - Ecodym Consultancy Services

ERICA – Environmental Research and Implementation Center for Africa


ECFS - Ecodym Center for Field Studies